Thursday, October 14, 2010

I have a new friend!

Yes, I have been wanting to meet this guy forever! And I do mean forever! Jay has tried to introduce me to him many times, but it just never happened for some reason. I don't know what I was expecting, but I really like him and I feel so much better for meeting him. He has already helped me through some tough times and I think I will really like for him to stick around for good. His name is Will. Yes, Willpower is his full name. I must admit that a couple times I have wanted to kick him out, but luckily, he ignores me and has stuck around. Like this morning, the alarm went off and it was time to work out, but I simply turned it off and rolled over deciding I would do it later. Well, do you think Will was going to let that happen? I don't think so. He pretty much kicked me right out of bed. Then later today, I wanted to take the easy route for lunch and just run through a drive through. Just as I was about to turn in to McDonald's....he pretty much took the wheel from me and directed me to go home and just eat there. Pushy, don't you think? It's only been 2 weeks of me changing my lifestyle, but this time has been different. I haven't talked myself out of exercise and I haven't talked myself into eating or drinking something I shouldn't. I think I like Mr. Willpower and hope that he's here to stay!

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