Monday, October 11, 2010


I must admit that I am a "yeller". I try very hard to stay calm, but when my boys act up sometimes or just don't listen when I am calm, I resort to the yelling. It gets their attention and usually changes things, but I can't stand doing it. It drives me nuts, but for some reason, I haven't been able to stop it completely. I have gotten better, but I still have a long way to go. My husband is too and when he yells, WHEW! It's loud and you shape up quick. He doesn't like doing it either, but yet, we're in the same situation. We can only stay calm and positive for so long. Yesterday was a huge wake up call though. We live on a decent size lot. We can see our neighbors easily, yet we have privacy as well. It's really nice. However, it's not quite far enough for people not to hear us yell. A neighbor's dog came into our yard and while we don't really care, we didn't want him bothering our dog so I walked him home. It's only about .2 of a mile, but I still couldn't believe it when I heard him yelling at the boys. It was so clear I could even understand his exact words. When I was talking with our neighbor, she mentioned that she could hear them outside (not yelling, just playing). I was shocked. Now I am wondering how much everyone has heard from me yelling/fussing at the boys. Have I been THAT parent? The parent that everyone wonders about?? I am not saying that I yell all the time, but at the same time, I have done my fair share....Luckily for me, I read this and got some great tips on how to do things differently:
I think that I will definitely be thinking twice about my volume from now on *blushing as we speak*

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