Thursday, November 25, 2010

What a Difference!

Flashback 1 year to Thanksgiving 2009....
As it got close to time to leave to go to my cousin's house for Thanksgiving dinner, Troy went from energetic and happy to quiet and reserved. When we got there, he virtually did nothing. He didn't talk to anyone, he didn't leave mine or Jay's side, he didn't eat. The only thing he did was get more and more anxious. Thanksgiving with my family is overwhelming since it's a very large gathering--think 40+ (this year was 50), but he virtually secluded himself from everyone. He complained of not feeling well and so we finally gave up and left. He gets in the car and everything is great. His mood improves, his energy level is back and he's talkative. Unfortunately, he worked himself up so much that he did throw up on the way home....twice. My mom and sister swear he was sick, but I am pretty sure that he just was under too much stress.

Forward to tonight, Thanksgiving 2010....
He was a tad nervous early in the day so I started talking to him about who would be there to try to add some familiarity. I wasn't sure if it was working but he stayed in a great mood through the afternoon, even on the way there. We got there a tad later so the house was full so we immediately went into what became known as "Romper Room" since there were soooo many younger children there. He did fine in there. Then, it was time to eat. That didn't go very well, but it wasn't because of anxiety, he just didn't seem to like anything, which is surprising since my family is some of the best cooks EVER (I swear that is true), so back to the Romper Room he went. He proceeded to play, enjoy, talk, and was having so much fun we basically had to force him to leave at 8:30 (he normally goes to bed at 7:30). In the car, he says "Can we go back there tomorrow?" Another thing for me to be thankful for! This was going to be my test for his anxiety issues and he passed with flying colors! I am so happy!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed their day with family and friends!

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