Thursday, May 20, 2010

This is so unfair...

My husband received some very bad news yesterday. Before I say what the news is, I need to give a brief history. My husband lost his father to lung cancer at the very young age of 4. Throughout his childhood/teens, he lived with a couple different friends. As you can imagine, he became very close with the parents, especially the fathers. They served as wonderful male influences for him. After he met me, my father and he also became very close. If you have read any previous entries, you know my father passed away in 2007 after a short battle with lung cancer. Two years ago, one of the men he lived with died of a massive heart attack. Well, yesterday, he got a phone call from his best friend (the other family he lived with) and his father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Life is just so unfair. I feel for all of the families of these men, my family included. It's hard to watch someone suffer or to lose one so suddenly. But this is happening repeatedly to men that are very important to my husband. I remember when I had learned about my father's cancer diagnosis, I was crushed. Not only for me, but for my husband because it was happening all over again. He was too young to remember his father's battle with cancer and I just knew that watching my father was going to be doubly hard for him because he would understand what his mother and sister's went through so many years ago. This just sucks :(

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