Monday, May 10, 2010

My previous life...

Before I had kids, I used to work as an athletic trainer. Most people would ask one of a few questions:
1) What is that?
2) So you work in a gym and get people in shape?
3) You're basically a water girl right?
As you can imagine, these questions didn't always sit well with me or other athletic trainers. What was worse is once, my mom told someone I was an Athletic Supporter. BIG OOPS. Yes, Mom just called me a jock strap. A little education is in order and then the explanation for why I am even posting about this.
Education--Class, take your seats:
An Athletic Trainer (and yes, we prefer to be called by the full title and not just trainer--you'll see why) is a person who is trained in injury prevention, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, education and counseling regarding injuries. There are many settings we can work in--high school, collegiate, amateur or professional sports, physical therapy clinics, industrial settings--just to name a few. Athletic trainers earn a degree (BS usually) and many go on to their Masters (like I did--not that I am bragging....;) ) and some even earn their doctorate. As you can see, when we are compared to Personal Trainer's--not that this is a horrible profession, it's just very different from what we have done--it's frustrating. Being called a water girl/boy is frustrating--water is a part of it as injury prevention and people just looking at me like I am an idiot, is, well, frustrating also.
Athletic Training students at my alma mater--James Madison University, recently made a video about the profession and it's pretty good. It's actually gotten them a lot of attention and they will be presenting it at the National meeting in June. I thought this was outstanding and wanted to share it so this is why I have even brought it up so please, check it out. Here's an article and the video which is linked with the article:

Class Dismissed!
Now please never refer to an athletic trainer as a water boy/girl or athletic supporter again!

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