Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So many more things to think about now

First off I want to say that I am not bashing any diets/food restrictions,.....whatever at all in this post. So if I offend anyone, believe it or not, it's not intentional.

Okay--a little history. I live in a nice neighborhood and attempted to start a Mom's group. That diidn't pan out for whatever reason, butI met a couple really awesome mom's and we just decided to hang out whenever we could, not just based on a schedule. The idea was a good one, but just not enough interest I guess. That being said, I am still open to the idea so when I find out that someone in our neighborhood has a baby, even if I don't know them, or if a new family moves close by, I try to do something nice--usually a meal of some sort. You know, just to suck up a little and make new friends. Whether they eat it, get freaked out and throw it away, who knows, but I just do it anyway. Make an effort you see. Well, here's my problem. I know so many people who are following diets of some sort--gluten free, strictly organic, low sodium, vegetarian.... so my question is, if I don't know the family, what the heck do I make?? I like for it to be somewhat of a surprise because if you call/stop by and say what you want to do, you'll get the "You don't have to do that......" response. So do I do my usual (baked ziti and a salad if you must know) or what? It's quite the dilemma I am in. I guess I could do nothing or buy gifts but then I have to wonder--will they cloth diaper, breastfeed or formula, do they use "Green" wipes/products..... SIGH. Way too many things to think about anymore!


  1. I think you should do the ziti and salad if thats what you always do. 90 plus % of the time it will be the greatest thing ever for them to get. Sure you will get a few that might not eat it, but I bet most would. And you are just to nice!

  2. I say cook whatever the heck you want! I don't think most people expect people they don't know well to cater to their diets. And if they do... well... then they're unrealistic. You could always ask beforehand if there's anything in particular they don't eat and/or don't like. That's usually what I do when I cook for people I don't know well (which is like, never... but the thought's there and that's what counts)