Friday, May 21, 2010

Allow me to brag...

I don't know where my boys learned to be so daggone sweet, but I have the most considerate boys in the world! Sometimes it amazes me to watch what just comes natural to them. Of course, they can be completely ornery as well, but hey, who can't!!?? This morning, Troy was practice roller skating and didn't want me to help him. So what does Will do? He goes over and offers his hand to Troy to hold ♥ How sweet is that? You can imagine the melting that was taking place inside me! I should remind you that he's only 18 months old.
And Troy...well, he's just so kindhearted, especially with other children. Here are just a few examples:
*He is playing soccer and we played a team that didn't get the idea of the game and they had more fun just falling on the ground and hanging out. Troy would run over and help them up and check on them (without being told).
*He is always hugging or kissing Will, my nephew or other younger children when they fall or hit their head. He'll even come over and put his hand over Will's head if it looks like he may bump it.
*Yesterday, we were at a local place that has animals you can feed. I always take a cup to put a ton of food in that Troy will share with Will. A little girl was there and ran up to him asking if she could do it too and he didn't even flinch--just handed her the food and they ran around together like the best of friends. It was just the sweetest thing to witness.
And lastly, we say thankfuls and prayers every night before bed. Usually his are pretty typical of a 4 year old, but the other night, he says during prayers, "God, please watch over the people of Haiti." I was in shock since I didn't think he really understood what Jay was telling him after the earthquake.
Yes, my boys have moments of arguing and fighting, refusing to share and just being grumpy, but it's times like these that make me sit back and be such a proud mommy! Okay, brag over :D

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