Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dance Recital

My niece had her dance recital last night and at first, I was a little peeved. 1) They didn't allow cameras??? WHAT! I couldn't take pictures of the most beautiful little dancer????I mean, just look at her

2) They made her wear lipstick--red lipstick. She's 4??? Dont' start this already!!!
3) Since you couldn't take pictures, you could guess what else ticked me off. NO VIDEO! ACK! What kind of place is this??? Apparently pretty normal as I have now heard other people saying the same thing, but still annoying. Anyway, enough griping about it.....
After getting there and seeing the 30 acts that were scheduled to perform, I was a tad in shock. I thought they would have them perform by age and then you could just clap, squeal and bolt. Yeah, not so. Anaka was in performance #21 and couldn't leave until the end so I had to sit through all of it. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I was so amazed at how adorable the little ones were and how incredibly talented the rest were. It was just a wonderful show and I was in complete awe at the stamina of some of those dancers--some danced in, like, 10 acts! I have to be honest though. I was almost in tears almost all night. I don't even know why dancing gets to me like that, but it does. Maybe it's because I was too much of a tomboy to stick with it as a child and now I am ticked at myself. If only I would have stuck with dancing and piano instead of playing soccer....I could be on Dancing with the Stars or something. Hush! I can dream, can't I.....

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