Thursday, May 6, 2010

In the News

A horrible thing happened recently--a lacrosse player brutally beat a female lacrosse player (his ex girlfriend) which resulted in her death. It's a horrible and sad story--one that I have been following closely. See above link for information--there is a video on that link where you can watch the story I am referring to. On the Today Show, they were discussing if her murder could have prevented because the male had a history of abuse and her friends had seen it and done nothing. Here is my problem with this story--it seems like they are now blaming the victim and her friends for her murder. This is insane! How many times have women reported abuse and there was nothing done about it and they were attacked/murdered regardless of what was done. Do restraining orders really prevent this? NO! Should she have reported it--sure. Should her friends--sure, but could her death have been prevented--NO! Don't put the blame on the wrong person here. The male went in, couldn't control his anger and murdered her--and has admitted it. Period. We should not be analyzing this and saying that fault lays in the hands of her or her friends who said nothing. Also, listening to the defense attorney calling this a tragic accident--HIDEOUS and disgusting. He admitted to shaking her which caused her to repeatedly bang her head against a wall--that doesn't sound like an accident to me.

Next item--less important but disturbing to me as well. On the View--Elizabeth Hasselbeck made some unkind/ridiculous remarks about Dancing with the Stars cast member Erin Andrews regarding her costumes. Here's the link:
WHAT! So it appears to me saying that she deserves to be stalked because of the costumes. Has Hasselbeck seen what the other women are wearing??? Yes--the costumes are revealing but does that mean they deserve to be stalked/harassed.... because of them? Get real! That goes back to the old feeling that if a women dresses a certain way, they are "asking for it". At least she apologized--but still it's just plain stupid.

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