Monday, May 24, 2010

Time for some Entertainment...

I haven't posted about this in a while, but I am so excited for this week because there is so much going on!
I am most excited for Dancing with the Stars. I actually predicted the Final 2 from before the show started and the Final 3 from the beginning of the season--Eryn was just outstanding. I really think tonight's show will be awesome and I cannot wait--especially for the freestyle dance. I think Nicole and Derek are going to blow everyone out of the water with that and will win the whole show. But to be completely honest, all of them are so great and deserve to win, but my money would be on Nicole
Next on my list--Biggest Loser. I must admit that when I first heard about this show, I was appalled and didn't think it would go anywhere, but when I actually forced myself to watch, I was hooked and only miss an episode when they decide to put ACC basketball on (I won't go any further because it just ticks me off)GRRRRR. It's always hard to pick who will win, but this year I am really torn. The 2 that I thought would be in the finale lost the least amount of weight last week so only 1 will be there. I still think one of them could do it though. The "pink" girl (I stink at there names, sorry) has surprised me though. I still think this will be the winner though: (obviously this is a pic from the beginning)
Now, American Idol is ending this week. I won't even go there. This season just bored me silly and I quit watching. I know it's huge and there has been talk that Paula Abdul is back for the finale, but I really doubt if I will be watching. But here's my prediction:
We'll see if I am right about any of it.......

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