Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Things You Should Never Say To a Pregnant Woman

I have heard some comments recently that make me wonder what people are thinking when they speak to pregnant women. Some are just downright rude and others...well, do you really have to try and scare someone? Here are a few things I really think you should avoid saying or mentioning....Most of these are pretty self explanatory.
1) "Wow! You really have packed on the weight"
2) "You've only gained ____lbs?"
3) "Are you sure your not having twins?"
4) "You can die during labor you know?" (Yes I have heard someone say this--not to me thankfully, but at a baby shower)
5) "You're ready to pop any day now, aren't you?"--ask this ONLY if you know the due date. I was asked this when I was only 6 months along.
6) "My labor was 53 hours long"
7) "Your husband/boyfriend will never look at that area the same"
8) No quotes for this one, but telling people what they should and should not be eating is never a good idea. Don't mess with a pregnant woman and what she is craving! That's just wrong.
9) "The doctor dropped my baby so tell them to be careful" I am hoping this is a rare occurence and again, why give the mom something else to be freaked out about?
and lastly,
10) "Oh thank God you are pregnant! I was hoping that was what that was (as they point to the bloated belly when you are only 3 months along)." That's just rude (and yes, happened to me.)

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