Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Traditions

When you think about Christmas, I am sure you think of many traditions that you have been apart of over the years--decorating your tree with special ornaments, going to see the lights, programs, pajama nights with the family, special movies you watch with your children or loved ones....I am sure there are many. My all time favorite tradition is a tad odd, but it's one I have been talking about a lot lately. I can't even say I remember when it first started, but I have to say that it's one we no longer do and it crushes me, yet no one can do it the same way. First let me explain-- Dad loved to play tricks on us. For example, he would say he didn't get Mom anything and it drove me and my sister nuts. Every year he would go through this and my sister would by something extra for my Mom--just in case and, yet he would always hide a gift somewhere that was hers. For some reason, my sister always thought "This is the year he won't get her anything". He always loved keeping us on our toes so one year he decided he would be funny. He always gave us something that would fit in a small box--money, lottery tickets, jewelry... so he decided to hide the gifts in the tree. He stood back a ways from the tree and just threw them in there. The next morning, we went through our stockings, opened all the gifts and then Dad said "You haven't opened everything girls" and hinted to where they were. This became a yearly thing and we LOVED it. He loved doing it probably as much as we loved him doing it. When we got married, he did this for us and our husbands and then when Anaka and Troy came along, same thing. It was so fun to look through the tree and see where they ended up that year--some years were very challenging. Silly tradition? Sure. But I miss it and after telling Troy about it, he wants us to start doing it or rather, he wants to do it for Jay and I. I don't know if it can ever be the same, but I am willing to give it a try.

And on a slightly different note, my dad's birthday would have been Dec. 26. We always celebrated Christmas Eve because he was so sick of family gatherings by Christmas night and just wanted to be left in peace. So here are a few pics of my dad I would like to share. They are very random and none are Christmas??? Why do I not have any of Dad at Christmas??? Oh well:
Walking me down the aisle
Dad and my niece Anaka
Dad and Troy
He came to the playground with us ♥
Holding Troy in the hospital
Happy Birthday Dad! Love you and miss you bunches

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