Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Baking

I use this phrase a lot, so why stop now...Back in the day....yes, back in the day, I used to do tons and tons of baking. I was a teacher/athletic trainer at a high school and gave all the coaches a tin of holiday goodies. Here's what I made:
Then I would do the basic Sugar Cookies (slice and bake), Angel Food Cake, and throw in peppermints and Hershey Kisses for color. It could get tedious, but I enjoyed it. Since having children, this has gone WAYYYYYY down, but I usually can whip together something even if it was just the sugar cookies. I even did some Gifts in a Jar or Gifts in a Mug (tons of ideas found here). This year, I don't even know what happened. I had some time but chose to use it doing things that weren't so productive. I baked cookies only when I had to and tonight, I am going to a friend's house. I had many intentions of baking or putting together a mug/jar gift, but nope, I chose to do anything and everything else. So here's what I have thrown together. Yummy? Sure. Lazy? ABSOLUTELY. I feel horrible, but I just didn't make it a priority this year and now that the holidays are here, I totally regret it. Next year, let the holiday baking commence!
And the bad part of it is, I even used this:
Baker's Dipping Chocolate--you just microwave and dip. I feel like I cheated

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