Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Will Earn Coolest Aunt Status!!

Yes indeed. I will be winning Coolest Aunt Status this holiday season. I am giving my 5 year old niece a gift that no one else would even think about! No toys, cute clothes, extremely over the top expensive gifts here. I am giving my niece something she will enjoy and remember for years. She's an animal nut, particularly crazy about seals (why? Not really sure, but whatever) and this is what she is getting from me this holiday season:

Seal Splash

Get Up Close and in the Water with our Harbor Seals

The Virginia Aquarium is the only place in the United States where you can get in the water to interact with harbor seals!

This 90-minute program takes you behind the scenes in the Harbor Seal area where you’ll learn about marine mammals, animal adaptations, training techniques, and efforts to conserve these unique animals and the environment we share with them. You’ll also meet a friendly seal or two in their private quarters, and observe a brief animal training session just prior to the in-water experience. During the 15-20 minute in-water interactive portion of this program, you’ll put on neoprene or rubber chest waders and a life vest (over your casual clothes), and enter the water with a trained animal professional (the water is about waist-high for most adults). Aquarium staff will walk you to a specially designed submerged platform to reach out and touch, communicate, and learn about the beauty and grace of our Harbor Seals. The seal will follow the target you’re holding, say “hello” (in seal, of course), and even wave to you. It’s the experience of a lifetime for the whole family!


Okay, so there is one small problem. She's not old enough for this, however they have something similar but the children don't get in the water--they still get up close and personal. Good enough I think. My sister is also an animal nut, so she gets to do it too. I hate that they can't do it right now, but at least they have something to look forward to!

Now, how the heck do I wrap this?

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