Monday, August 22, 2011

I Did Not Expect This

Well, it's actually coming. I knew the day was approaching, but until today, Meet the Teacher Day, it hadn't sunk in fully. I have been very excited for Troy to start school. I cannot wait to see what he learns, how he does, who he becomes friends with....I of course am a little nervous for him because he's had lots of anxiety in the past. He seems to be past this, but I just don't know what to expect come Wednesday. Yes, I know he'll be fine. Yes, I know there are other kids that may be scared or nervous and yes, I know kindergarten teachers expect this and know how to handle this. BUT, he's my kid and I can be a freak about it if I want. What I did not expect was to be the one not able to sleep and feeling anxious about it all and the littlest of details. I mean, really? I laid in bed last night worrying about if he'll know how to deal with buying lunch (of course he will, yet I worried). I didn't expect to be concerned about what happens if he doesn't like the lunch. Should I pack him something just in case? I didn't expect to be concerned about the pick up and drop off. Yes, this stuff, the littlest of details is what is causing me anxiety and butterflies in MY stomach! Most parents say they are worried about the big things--will their child make friends, will they behave, will they learn and develop and here I am worrying about lunch??? Yes, I will gladly admit that I am a total freak and didn't expect this at all. However, when I texted the husband about being nervous, his reply was "So business as usual, huh?" Maybe I should have expected it after all.

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  1. Oh Val I could have writen this myself! As you know Nichole started kindergarten today and well... last night... I was up ALL night, tossing turning, rolling over, looking at the clock thinking about... did I give her enough food in her lunch box, is her yogurt going to stay cold enough? Did I put everything she needed in her backpack? Did I give her enough water, since she can't drink from the water fountain? UHG!!! And of course the general worries, will she make friends? Will a mean kid make fun of her or be mean to her? Will she love school? Will they challenge her enough? UHG!!!