Thursday, August 25, 2011

Well, Definitely Won't Have Perfect Attendance

Sigh. Troy started kindergarten yesterday and is already out today sick and most likely will miss tomorrow :( I probably shouldn't have even sent him yesterday but he seemed okay in the AM, minus what I thought was anxiety issues. Of course, I could have been totally wrong since he came home with a 100+ fever (never could get a good reading) and just plain exhausted. He wasn't up to par on Tuesday, but ran no higher than a 99.4 temp and seemed much better as the day went on so we thought he would be fine for his 1st day. He was such a trooper though and after a very hard morning, he put on a smile and went to school. He told Will to have a good day and off we went to kindergarten. They told me NOT to go back to the room, but it seemed as if every other parent was. I held strong though (as hard as it was) and watched him walk into his classroom. He looked so big and grown up doing it and I was just so proud of him! I will admit that after my mom left and Will was distracted, I lost it. I didn't think I would, but I did and am not too proud to admit it. I just felt lost all day and Will was really confused. We went to grab lunch at a local place and he repeatedly asked when were we picking up Troy since that's what we did for preschool. We were just both out of sorts and to be completely honest, 3:00 couldn't come fast enough. I started really getting antsy around 2 and that last hour dragged! I missed him so much and couldn't wait to hear about his day. Unfortunately, he didn't really tell me much. This is what I got from him-- "We didn't paint, draw, cut or paste, but we did a fire drill." So I know bits and pieces but that's it. Poor thing was just hot, tired and ready to be left alone. Here are some pics from before school and I didn't bother being the good parent and doing pics at pick up which was probably a good thing....
Outside on the patio. He just looks so old!
 Right before I say good bye :'(
 Walking down the hall to his class like he's been doing it forever

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