Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kindergarten Eve

It's the day before Kindergarten and I had a whole idea of what the day would be like. After taking care of annoying household chores and errands, we were going to go to the playground, ride bikes, play and just have an enjoyable day. Then it was home for lunch a quiet afternoon and playtime with Troy's buddy. A nice dinner, maybe out for ice cream to celebrate and then early to bed. HAH! Let's see what happened so far:
The morning started off nice and we ran our errands and did the annoying household chores. On the way home, we find two Jack Russels getting ready to wander into a busy road so I call them to us and they jump right in the car. They are wearing tags so we find the owner's name. Number disconnected :( Call the vet that's listed on the tag and find the owner's name. Number is the same but I get the road they live on and try a couple places but as you can imagine at 10:30 in the morning, no one is home. Apparently I am the only one who stays at home in this neighborhood. Soooooo, we head to the playground for a short time. There, I call Jay at work and he finds a new number (thank you white pages) but since no one is home, I can only leave a message, BUT get the exact address (score 2 for white pages). Tell the boys they have 10 minutes since I don't want to just leave the dogs in the hot car, plus I have groceries in there that I don't want them to help themselves to. Deal with the griping and complaining and the "YOU PROMISED".....So I load some disappointed boys in the car and alas, I find that we already went to the house and no one is home still. It had only been 10 minutes so again, no surprise. Decide to go home and put them in our fenced in yard to enjoy. AHHHH that is taken care of so now we wait to hear back from the owners. Now it's lunch time. Really? It took that much time!?! Now, Troy starts complaining about his belly hurting and getting grumpified in a major way. Hmmmmm. Is it hunger or something else? Decide because Will had been sick with a virus the past weekend just to check his temp. What do ya know? He has a low grade fever--just 99, so as long as it stays down, we are cool for tomorrow. Getting a little stressed at this point. Shocker, I know. He finally admits that he is scared of tomorrow and starts to cry and say he's going to be sick. I give him the typical parent pep talk about fun and new friends and being brave and he calms down a little. Letting the dogs into the house helps a bit as it's a distraction but one pees in my bedroom. Yay. Now it's 1:30, he's feeling better, the dogs are chilling out with us, Will is napping and I am desperately wanting to exercise but promised Troy he could have movie time as a special treat so Jillian Michaels' has to wait. Hoping for a calmer afternoon.....and that Troy's fever stays down. I really hate the idea of him missing his first day, but have a bad feeling. Yep, call me Negative Nellie
Oh and now it's 1:55 and we just had an earthquake....yep, that's right, in VA....just add it to the list of how life is crazy today :o

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