Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So all that complaining....

I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have complained about my boys and their early rising. I have moaned and groaned for over 5 years now about Troy being an early riser. Will hasn't been bad until recently, but he's now getting up between 6:00 and 6:30 as well. I have been a broken record and know I have annoyed so many people with my gripes. I am here to tell you now that I am done being frustrated. These past 5 years of waking up no later than 7AM and most days around 6:00 (5:45 when I try to work out before they get up which is a joke) have done nothing but prepare me for school. I heard so many parents talk about dreading waking their children up early for school or being up that early themselves because they cannot function. Now, it's my turn to laugh at you and feel the jealousy because I. had. to. do. nothing. That's right. Not. a. darn. thing. This is my life daily--holidays, weekends, summers.....there was no adjustment needed! HAH! Sure, you get to sleep in on the weekends or during school breaks. Sure, your children may sleep until 9 or later and you can lounge and drink your coffee in peace. Sure, you can watch the news or whatever. BUT, I don't have to fight to get Troy up and ready for school. He's up, dressed and walking into my room at 7 (usually 6:45) asking to fix himself breakfast. AND he's totally crashed every night by 7:30. 8 at the latest and some nights by 7. So good news my friends and family, I am done complaining and will now enjoy that at the start of every school year without the added stress of having to fight the boys to get up and moving. And having listened to sooooo many of you, this is a good thing, a very good thing!

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