Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Fun!

The boys were really looking forward to Halloween this year--more than they ever have. Luckily, it wasn't for the candy like other kids I have seen, but for the pumpkins. Troy actually threw a tantrum because we wouldn't carve pumpkins Thursday night at 7:00 even though we promised we would do it Saturday. It just wasn't soon enough for him. Fortunately, he got to go to a pumpkin patch for a field trip and pick out a small pumpkin which he carved with some help from my sister's in-laws Friday afternoon. That held him over for the big event on Saturday so thankfully, no more tantrums. He was very proud of himself because he got to do almost the entire carving--all by himself! I wasn't entirely sure about handing a sharp knife over to an almost 6 year old, but Jay was okay with it. Luckily, no injuries ensued and he did a pretty good job I think! Will told me what he wanted to do, so I tried my best.
 Showing off their pumpkins
 Getting them good and cleaned out

 Very happy boy with a very sharp knife YIKES
 But he did well (WHEW)
 The Final Products

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