Friday, October 7, 2011

My Identity???

When people find out you are pregnant, they always tell you about how life is going to change--the lack of sleep, your body is different, your relationship is different, financial issues, you'll know a greater love and so on. You expect it, you welcome it and you eventually get used to it. What they don't tell you is that you totally lose your identity. Not in a bad way really, but I have been known by many names--Val, Vally, Sis, Lil Sis, Jackie's sister, Speedy, Jitterbug (don't ask), and then you become Mom, Mommy, Mother (or as Will says Mudder). No big deal. There are TONS of worse things to be called (and I am sure I have been called them just not to my face and especially by my former students). But now, we are finding out that you are no longer you. You are known as Troy's or Will's mom. My good friend's daughter will say "Hey Troy Mommy", other children will say "Hey, I know you. You are Will's mommy". And it's not just me, it's Jay too. I am the errand runner in the family so people know me in the usual places but Jay went the other day to the bank and the teller says "Hey! You're Will's dad!" and proceeded to point him out to the other teller's. Apparently our little one is quite the hit at the bank so it was almost like Jay was a celebrity. I know why they remember Will though. Let's just say, people notice Will WHEREVER we go as he's quite the entertainer. So yes, there are a lot of changes that happen when you become a parent, but now it's official, I no longer need to use my name. I can just refer to myself as Troy or Will's Mommy and it's all good.

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