Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Note to Self

I have been having a problem with the boys. Part of me wants to just ignore it, the other part of me wants to stop it now. I just am at a loss because it's not horrendous, but it's rude and annoying. They love to just say words just to get a rise out of me. Like I said, nothing bad, but it could definitely be rude in certain places. Here's there list:
Booty, poo poo, poo poo head, booty head, poopy head, booty get the picture. Like I said, nothing bad, but hearing my 2 year old singing loudly at Troy's school "Old McDonald had a POO POO" or at the drug store, "Mommy, check out my BOOTY BUTT" (Yes, he's yelling it) or just saying POOPOOPOOPOOPOOPOO over and over and so on, it's a little LOT annoying. Yes, I know it could be much worse so that's why I have said that there's a part of me that wants to ignore it, however the more I ignore the louder they get and the more often they do it--and it's 90% of the time with just me around. NO NO NO they won't do this with Daddy or even Granny (so she says), but who do they spend most of their time with? Plus they are getting their friends/cousins to say it and then they are getting in trouble. So you see, just a small annoying problem. Now, I have tried many different things to no avail--time outs, soap (call me old school), taking toys away, ignoring, sending them to their room....and nothing is changing the behavior.
Now that you have the background, let me say one thing for certain. The minute they hear any of these words on TV, in music, in conversation....they pick up on it immediately. Sooooooo, playing certain songs are not a good idea. NOTE TO SELF--playing the following song around Will (thank you Jon for the 1991 songs CDs by the way) is a really bad idea:

You can just imagine the parts that Will picked up on.

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