Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Simply beautiful

When I was a child, I despised my hometown. It was too country, too rural, and way too boring. I swore that when I was able, I was leaving to only come back to visit every once in a while. It wasn't the people at all, it's just that I wanted activity. I loved the idea of something new to do all the time, concerts, museums, sporting events, just more activity period. The idea of a big city appealed to me a great deal. I did make it to live in larger cities and while there were more options, I found that it was too expensive. So I found every opportunity to attend free or very low cost options and really enjoyed it. I made a lot of great friends, met my now husband so that's a plus and got to experience city life. Unfortunately, I quickly found out that I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought because there was down sides to each city. One had a huge gang problem so I was going to bed listening to fighting or gunshots often. Another, the houses were on top of each other and it was so frustrating because you could hear every noise. Another area I lived in, the first night I was there, there was a domestic violence issue in the apartment above me. And the traffic.....my goodness was there lots of traffic! When Jay and I came to a point where he was looking for a job change, we both had the same idea. Let's move back to my hometown--something I swore I would never consider. And I don't regret the decision at all. It hasn't changed much, but as I have gotten older, I certainly enjoy the quiet a lot more! Plus, just look at what I get to see on a daily basis

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  1. I love this area! Dan and I say that if we win the lottery we will still live here. I will never go back to Northern VA!