Friday, June 4, 2010

Big Day!

Yesterday was a huge day for us. It was new, exciting, stressful but a lot of fun. I live in a very small town. I have lived in the city, but really nothing where I wasn't able to drive and get around easily. Yesterday, I tackled the National Zoo in Washington DC with my boys. This involved driving to Northern VA, picking up a friend from Justmommies (the online mom's group I am involved with), and attempting to get to the Metro (only one wrong turn on my part--oopsy!). Here's where things got dicey. Many people told me this was the easiest way to the Zoo--and I mean MANY people. When I suggested driving straight to the zoo, everyone said not to because there is limited parking and it's expensive, so I took their advice and went to the Metro. Well, there was NO parking. I literally drove around in circles for who knows how long trying to find somewhere to park. I called a friend frantically because I had no clue what to do but she talked me through and we found the we could park a little ways out for up to 12 hours. BUT I had no quarters for the meter so off I drove to a place to get change only to miss the sign for my turn (which was hidden by a tree) and drive in circles all over again. By this time, Troy and Will were miserable, I was almost hysterical from how silly I felt (but very stressed at the same time) and we all just wanted out. Then we finally get to the Metro and it was very confusing but we made it--with a change of trains included. Unfortunately, after leaving at 7:45, it was now after 12:00 so food had to come first. We met up with another mom from Justmommies and finally ventured around the zoo. It was so much fun!! I didn't get to take Troy and Will to as many exhibits as I would have liked because it was a long, hot day. We enjoyed what we did see and now I know my way around--somewhat! It was wonderful meeting 2 moms who I have known for 2 years but had never met and our kids had so much fun together. It always amazes me how close we all have become to have never met in real life! Here's just a few pictures of the kids on their adventure!

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