Monday, June 7, 2010

One of those days..

No, believe it or not, it's not one of "those" days--a day where everything seems to go wrong or just plain not easy. It's one of those days--a day where I just can't get over how unbelieveably lucky I am and how wonderful my children are. I woke up this morning and was able to get a couple things started while the kids played in their rooms. Troy comes out, gives me a huge hug and invites me into his "sticker shop" (he had covered his chair with stickers to give out to whoever). We go get Will and he invites Will in for stickers, which Will LOVED. Then, we get to have breakfast with my Mom and almost 2 year old nephew, Antonio. Troy has taken on the responsibility of helping my Mom with Antonio when she watches him. According to Troy, "Granny needs me there to entertain him". This is a blast since these 3 boys adore each other! Antonio runs out, greets both boys with a hug and they all run around and do a little dance. After breakfast, the 3 play with Playdough, look at books, dance to Choo Choo Soul and then run outside to play more. It's just so adorable to watch how they interact and get along (I just hope it continues). I wish my niece could be there as well, but she's in All Day school as Troy calls it.
Here are the 4 of them from last weekend playing together since we didn't have a camera handy this AM:

Nothing spectacular happened today, but for some reason I am bursting inside with pride, love and feeling so blessed. My boys aren't perfect, but they are pretty stinkin' awesome if you ask me ♥ I don't take the credit because in my situation--being so close to family and wonderful friends, it truly has been a village.

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