Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dear Boys....

Dear Boys,
I know you are too young to truly understand, but I just have something very important to tell you. I know that I am VERY exciting to be around. I know that we have a blast together playing, dancing, taking walks, enjoying the outdoors, running errands, chores...yes, very exciting indeed. I get it--life with me is a party. However, you need to know and understand that while you are sleeping, I am not doing anything fun and exciting. Yes, I used to get up at 6AM so I could workout and shower, but you decided that that was also too much fun and started waking up at 6AM with me. Well, if you hadn't noticed, I gave up on that time. I PROMISE YOU--I am sleeping--nothing more. You are not missing out on a thing, nope, not a thing....just me sleeping. So could you please start sleeping past 6? Today, you were up at 5:45 and I must tell you that you HAVE to notice that I have been really crabby so you should know by now that the earlier you get me up, the worse the mood. I am not asking for much. I have come to grips with the fact that my days of sleeping until 9 are gone, but is 7 AM really too much to ask? I love you both to pieces and enjoy our time together, but lately, I have been too tired to really keep up with you.
With much love,
One Tired Mommy

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