Monday, June 14, 2010

My very anxious child...

I have to admit that I am a worrier and a very anxious person. Why did Troy have to inherit THIS trait? And so early, too... Since beginning preschool, things have gotten so much better so I thought we were through with this stage, but it has all come rushing back again :( Before preschool, being around other children was very stressful--unless it was just him and one to two other children. I tried Mommy groups, set up play dates, took him to playgrounds/indoor playgrounds....anything to get him around other children and he would just cling to me or I had to be playing with him and the others for him to be comfortable. So basically, it was just the same that we did at home in just a different setting so he wasn't getting anything out of it. My husband thought I was overreacting until the Bible School incident. We have a community bible school since we are in such a small area. Our church joins up with 3 other churches and they rotate locations. I talked to him about it, took him to the church it was going to be, had him talk with his teacher (who goes to our church) try to help him. It was a disaster. Will was just 6 months old so he needed a nap so I was planning to drop Troy off and then leave and take Will home for a nap. No problem in my eyes....or so I thought. Troy clung to me, they pulled him off, he clung to the teacher and screamed/cried...until someone else from our church pulled him off of the teacher. They had to call me to come get him :( The next day, he was crying before we even left so I tried to stay with him for a short time (Will was there as well so that was interesting) and finally gave up and took him home. The third day, my niece was able to go and she became Troy's security blanket. Good and bad I guess. He stayed and finally had fun, but it just reiterated my fears that preschool was going to be TOUGH. Fortunately, Jay was finally on board for preschool--he didn't want to send Troy at all to save money.
Preschool was a Godsend for us--he finally started to gain confidence and play with others without needing me right there. He will talk to other adults, introduce himself....everything has been great. Until lately. Now he's right back to the clinging to me and crying if he's in a new situation. I just don't know what to do to help him. We start swim lessons today and he's already worried about them. Bible School is next week and I am a teacher, but not for Troy's class so I have no idea how it will be. Do I prepare him, just throw him into a situation or what? I really wish he didn't take after me in this way.

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