Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My "date" with Troy

This morning, I had a date with my very handsome, blue-eyed 4 year old son. I try to do things with Troy every so often to get 1 on 1 time with him since much of what we do revolves around Will and his naps. It is also sometimes hard to do things with Troy that he wants to because Will would not be able to do it or would make me spending time with Troy difficult--like bowling. Because I always feel like Troy gets the short end of the stick, I try to set aside time with him. Today was OUR day. I took him to see one of his favorites--Curious George LIVE. It was just such a nice day. We went to the show, got to just hang out. I was just amazed at how much he has changed. He used to be that kid that couldn't sit still for any time, bouncing off the walls, loud and screaming, but he seems so grown up now. Yes, the show was way too long for him, but he did really well and we left just a tad early, compared to 1/2 way early the last time we took him to a show. He sat there, asked questions and participated when they asked for the audience to. It was actually funny to be there because so many of the kids were the way he used to be. It made me giggle a bit because I remember I used to think Troy had to be ADHD because he didn't have the attention span of my niece. I guess because I was always dealing with keeping him entertained, I couldn't pay attention to all the other parents doing what I was doing. Yes, he's still very energetic, but I don't think it is ADHD WHEW!
Here is us getting ready to leave

The show

And Troy just enjoying himself with his new toy....

My only problem with today is the disgust I get at the outlandish prices they charge for souveniers and food/drink. I mean, there is no competition so do you really have to double the price? Water for $3.50?? I know, they do it because they can, but still, have pity on a momma.......

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