Thursday, August 19, 2010

Review of 1001 Healthy Baby Answers

I received another opportunity to review a book through This time around it is 1001 Healthy Baby Answers: Pediatricians' Answers to All the Questions You Didn't Know to Ask written by Gary C. Morchower, MD with contributions from pediatric specialists.
This book contains common questions parents have about a variety of conditions/disorders. It's broken down into 2 sections. The first deals with conditions/disorders that happen in newborns and the second deals with issues facing children and adolescents. Here are just a few examples of each:
Birth Defects, Heart Disease--congenital, clubfoot, jaundice, and meconium aspiration.....
Children and Adolescents--
These include acne (adolescents, not baby), autisum, colic, cradle cap, croup, diabetes, roseola..., but the list for both is immense.

Pros of this book:
* Many different specialists are involved so the knowledge base is incredible
* It's very easy to read
* It's organized alphabetically so it's easy to locate what you are wanting to find information on
* It covers a wide range of conditions/disorders
* It's a wonderful reference if you have questions about various disorders

Con's of this book:
* You have to know what the condition is you are looking for. This is not a book for someone who has a child with sign/symptoms looking for what could be the cause.
* It doesn't include signs/symptoms in some of the illnesses so again, if you are wanting to know what could be wrong, this may not be of assistance.
* Some of the conditions really warrant more space/time, such as autism. So you may need to do more research.

Overall, the book was informative. I am not positive that I would purchase it for myself as I prefer books that are more signs/symptom based or I would simply use the internet if I knew the condition. However, it could a good book to have on hand so you can prepare questions that may need to be asked if you know what issue you are facing.
Here is the link if you would like to see what is included in more detail or if you would like to purchase:

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