Monday, August 2, 2010

Time Flies

This weekend Jay and I just sat back and watched the boys play a bit. I do it often, but Jay does not. He doesn't sit still often, well, at all really. He's always working on a project or doing something. It was odd, but nice to just be able to sit with him and really watch what the boys do and how they interact. We both asked the same question....Didn't we just move here? It was odd because we both were thinking that it has felt like no time at all since we moved back to my hometown and we were both working and just plugging along. Of course, it's been 6 years but it has really flown. When you are pregnant or right after having a newborn, everyone says to enjoy it because time will fly. I just nodded and thought to myself "Whatever." My pregnancy dragged on and on because I was so anxious/excited and the newborn phase felt like forever, especially because I was so unbelievably tired all the time, but then it hit me this weekend (and Jay too)---they were all right. Time has flown by. We now have a preschooler and a toddler. We have a 4.5 year old riding a bike with no training wheels, no longer in diapers or pullups at all, trying to get away from napping.....We have a toddler who is driving just as good as his big brother (the toys people, not for real.....:) ), showing signs of interest in potty training, starting to figure out so many things..... Wasn't I just complaining about how hard it was to get them to sleep? Wasn't I just starting them on solids? Weren't they just using a bottle? Didn't we just move here???? Time has flown and I hope that Jay sitting back and really realizing it will sit down more to just watch them.

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  1. Don't make me cry, Val! I know it. My boys are the same age as yours and I can hardly remember them even being babies! It's bittersweet. You are excited to watch them grow and change, but sad that they are growing up.