Thursday, August 5, 2010

Night and Day

Everyone told me that my boys would be different. Whatever worked for Troy, wouldn't for Will. They are pretty much right. Yes, they have some of the same characteristics, but in so many ways, they are as different as night and day.
Troy was a horrible napper, had night terrors, nightmares, didn't sleep through the night until 3 (consistently, that is. He would a few nights a week, but that's it). He did transition well to the bed so we'll see.
Will has been a good napper (once I figured out how to get him to sleep), and sleeps through the night more often than not and has for a bit. He may have some issues with nightmares, but nothing like Troy YET. He's such a decent sleeper that I hesitate to transition him to the bed.

Troy eats well, always has. He had his moments when teething, but he likes a wide variety of food. Not very willing to try new foods, but he is overall a great eater.
Will--he is iffy. In some ways, he eats well, but veggie wise, he's horrible. He'll try new foods and likes things that many young children don't. Lima beans for instance. Some days are better than others, but this has been a small issue.

Troy--hates to have anyone upset with him. Whatever discipline we have done has usually worked. We did do spanking a couple times, and that was a horrible idea so we found it was unnecessary for him.
Will--NOTHING works. Time outs--a game. Fussing/yelling--he finds amusing. Making him say he's sorry/give hugs--fun for him. Spanking--didn't phase him....NOTHING

Troy is a very anxious child. He doesn't talk to a person he's not comfortable with and won't look them in the eye. He doesn't like new situations and can actually make himself sick.
Will--other than wanting to be near someone he's comfortable with, he will wave, blow kisses, laugh, "talk" anyone. He loves to put on a show, flirt, get attention...Heaven help me here....

I like that they are different even though they keep me on my toes. It is amazing though to know they both came from the same parents. Troy may look like Jay, but his personality/anxiety is a lot me. Will looks like my dad (according to my mom and great aunt) and God help us, he acts like him too :)

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