Monday, August 16, 2010

School's starting soon...

SIGH. No my boys are not in school, so why does this bother me you ask? Well, I have a few reasons. It means the summer is slowly coming to a close so no more pool. I was hoping to go today, however the storms brewing outside apparently don't want me to. Maybe tomorrow. It means that the playground is off limits during the early part of the day. For some reason, the school administrators don't like it when we go and try to blend in with the classes?? Don't know why as we don't take up THAT much space, but nonetheless, we have to wait until late afternoon. That's fine, but then we don't get to see my niece and nephew at all. That brings me to my biggest reason for not wanting school to sister goes back to school. That means while Troy's in school, I can't go hang out with her and my nephew and just visit. We can't meet up to go to Yoder's. We can't meet at the pool after naps. We can't have picnic lunches. We can't take early walks get the picture. I try often (and fail often) to convince her to become a SAHM like me, but alas, it's not happening. Am I being selfish? Of course. I know that. It's just that summer is so much more fun, not because we did everything I wanted to do, but because the potential is there. Now it's back to normal with me and the boys hanging out patiently waiting for our friends to get out of school and play. Thank God my mom retired or I would really be lonely :D

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