Thursday, November 3, 2011

On this 3rd day....I am thankful for....

My in laws. Yes, you heard me. I adore all my in laws--mother in law, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law....Yep, I realize what a rarity this is to enter into a family and really and truly love everyone. Again my biggest complaint is that we just don't see each other enough. (Or is that the reason why I love them so much.....???? :) ) We only get together once a year as a group with maybe a scattering of visits when it's possible, but with the crew spread out all over the country, it makes visiting more often a challenge. This is why we love our vacation to the 1000 Islands in NY so much because it's the only time we are all together so not only is it a vacation, but it's a chance to visit and catch up. Thank God for email, blogs, cell phones, and texting because it does help us to share stories, pictures and just chat! These are pictures from our trip in 2009, and not everyone is there, but just a sampling :)

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