Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Imaginary Friends

I can't believe I am telling this story but I feel the need because of something that happened today. When I was younger, I don't really remember how old, I, like many other children, had an imaginary "friend". Her name was Jennifer and she hung out with me quite a bit. That's not really all that unusual, but my "friend" was  a little different. You see, my sister used to pick on me and could get a little mean. Pretty much like all older siblings really. I still worshiped my sister regardless and wanted to be like her--in every way. Drove her nuts, but well, that's what baby sister's do, right? So anyway, my imaginary friend, Jennifer, was more of an imaginary little sister to me (I actually say now that she was an imaginary enemy) so I spent my time being mean, fighting, arguing and bossing her around. My family still makes fun of me to this day, which is why I probably shouldn't even be telling this but oh well. I had to explain so that people could appreciate today. After dropping Troy off at school, Will was playing. I was busy cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry but all of a sudden I heard him yelling. He was carrying on a full conversation with someone and it was mainly yelling and bossing. I asked Will who he was talking to and he said, "Just a baby". So I think Will is following in his Mama's footsteps and creating his own little sibling to boss around. Great. Let the teasing commence....

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