Monday, November 21, 2011

Why I Love Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has been my favorite holiday for such a long time. As a child, of course Christmas was my favorite, but as I got older, I started looking most forward to Thanksgiving. There are so many reasons why and I know my family and close friends are thinking it has to do with the food (which is HIGH on my list of reasons why, but is not the main reason). Let's look at some of the other holidays.
Christmas--I love Christmas. It's fun and festive and exciting. Having children makes it even more exciting as you get to see it through their eyes. However, the true meaning of Christmas is often ignored. Sure, people go to church or see a play about the birth of Jesus and remember why we celebrate, but it's become so much more about getting the "right" gifts. What should you get this person or that person? Will your children be disappointed because you can only afford to get them 1 or 2 gifts when their friends are going to get so much more? Will this gift be meaningful enough? Is it the right size or will you offend someone (and yes, this has happened in my life)? Did you ship your gifts in time for people to get them on the holiday or will they even get there??? It becomes so much more stressful and people forget the joy of the season (yours truly included). Many people say that it doesn't matter and they will appreciate whatever they get but we ALL know people who complain about what they did or didn't get, so you know they not everyone appreciates the gesture.

Valentine's Day--I hate this holiday. Period. I personally would rather my husband say on Jan. 10 that he loves me and is so happy we met than HAVING to do it because of a holiday. I get the meaning behind the day but again, it becomes more about getting the "right" gift, doing the "right" thing. I worked in a Florist for a few years and this holiday was almost a joke. Poor men running in at 4:45 because they forgotten to order something early and having to take home a bouquet of yellow and orange carnations knowing their loved one was going to be disappointed. This is why I have always told boyfriends and of course, my husband that gifts are not exchanged. Period. Our anniversary is Feb. 15 and people who don't know me well always say that was horrible to do that to Jay. "Oh the pressure you put on him to get your VDay gifts AND an anniversary gift...." Got a secret for you--I don't believe in anniversary gifts either so he actually has it pretty good. All I ask is that we go out just the two of us and do something fun somewhere around our anniversary. To me, it's about quality time, not gifts.

Easter--pretty much the same as Christmas. The holiday can be so wonderful and a time for Christians to really celebrate and again, what happens? It turns into gifts and candy and what are we doing on Spring Break. The meaning of the season is pretty much forgotten. Not by everyone of course, but in general

Before I continue, let me say that I love the holidays. I enjoy the gift giving, seeing the excitement in my children's eyes and being together to celebrate. I love picking out things I think family and friends will enjoy. I am in no way a Bah Humbug person, no matter how it sounded, but in my opinion, Thanksgiving is simpy the most wonderful holiday. It's about being with family and friends reflecting on the many blessings in your life. A time to get together and eat some really yummy food (yes, I said it was a big reason, just not the main) and there is no pressure with gifts. It's about fellowship and that all important , quality time. Yes, I know that there are stresses associated with Thanksgiving, but if you look at the big picture, the holiday is just fabulous! I personally cannot wait for Thursday to spend time with my spectacular family, watching football, catching up with those I don't see often enough and just enjoying the true blessings in my life ♥ THAT is why I love Thanksgiving.

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